Depois da democracia é a vez do cinismo racial no país da diversidade

Depois da democracia é a vez do cinismo racial no país da diversidade

We hardly talk about it. But Brazil did not belong to my African ancestors, or to the whites who came before us. Our land is indigenous, but how many of them you live from day to day? Here in São Paulo it is easier to find a Mongolian family than indigenous. And racial extermination is the term that explains this process. There were a people with traditions, much knowledge and ancestry that was exterminated and is treated almost folkloric way into our collective imagination.

About us blacks, this extermination process is present. It is no coincidence that we are the biggest victims of homicide and the largest prison population.   Brazilian institutions do not work in favor of the black community. It is no exaggeration to say that we are all survivors and that Brazil is scheduled to complicate our lives more than facilitate.

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Rafael Braga, the young man sentenced to 11 years in prison on the last day 20 is the customization of how the judicial system is successful in taking poor black movement, using legal maneuvers to condemned by human rights organizations. His case led the black community to the streets in this cold night of Monday in the city of São Paulo.

“The arrest by the sun Pine size was in 2013, during the acts of that year, spent two years in prison because of that and went on probation (with electronic ankle bracelet.) This sentence of 11 years in prison was because of a second arrest unfair, where Rafael walked in his neighborhood towards a bakery and PMs approached him asking him to identify the local drug dealers. he said he could not because it did not know them. the PMs not satisfied ‘planted’ 0.6 grams of marijuana and 9 of cocaine in Rafael and took him prisoner. for this prison he took 11 years trafficking and association for drug trafficking, “explain Antonio Junior, journalist portal Journalism Bridge who made a careful coverage of the case.

rafael braga e condenado a onze anos de prisao

Vigil for freedom of Rafael Braga (Photo: Rosenildo Ferreira) Brazil has assumed racist and the myth of racial democracy is increasingly going to the ground, because we have data that break any theory that there is equal opportunity for blacks and whites. Before we could not prove and today we have the numbers do not lie. Even recommend the Video Youtuber Valtinho Rege on the mathematics of exclusion.

Brazilian left: white also dominate

I do not think that all whites are racists. Especially because for some racist color has some relevance and the vast majority of economically privileged white do not think about racial issues since they do not live with blacks. They think about feminism perhaps on environmental issues likely economic for sure, but they do not know for example, that are the minority in Brazil, as in work, little party at the club, just have people like them.

The award-winning documentary “I’m not your black,” James Baldwin, that brilliant mind, full of scholarly knowledge, so essential to a universal reflection on human affairs and advised Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, it takes when he says that white unaware what being black for lack of interest even. In his book, treated in the documentary he says. “Most whites have nothing against blacks, the real question is apathy and ignorance.”

Pulling Brazil to gross reality of the figures shows that the situation is worse. Here we are 54% of the population and our intellectuals (aka left already enjoys many privileges) can organize a manifesto , Brazil Nation Project, which talks about the Brazilian inequalities without not have the signature of any black or indigenous person and mentions racial question once. We were forgotten.

I sincerely believe, yes, dialogue is the solution but we must stop being cynical, whites and nonwhites and not just assume that we are a racist country, but to go beyond involving on the problems that are out of your own backyard, after all we live a community. The problem of the Brazilian black is a matter of national interest. We are the majority, they built this country as slaves and in the 21st century, the explicit or institutional racism (that kind hidden subject, we do not see but it’s there) impedes our progress and kill us.

And once again the case of Rafael Braga shows to prove innocence is also a privilege. Here there are perhaps one hundred years, we’ll look at this moment in history and see that the Brazilian judiciary to who is black, has almost the same perversity that slavery. That was absurd the crime of racism not send people to jail for being treated as a racial slur and that the police, despite having very dedicated and competent professionals, largely consisted of trained members to cram the bodies of prisons black when those surviving to an almost institutionalized extermination. But we as a nation, we are indifferent to this reality, blinded by cynicism that of the black community forward, if empowered and alone is able to eliminate racism.

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